EU Referendum: Immigration Senationalism.

Christchurch Constituency Labour Party

immigrants An unfortunate consesus by many.

The last couple of years has seen UKIP and other right populist groups gain some momentum, views on immigration into the UK has become a major issue for the public even though politically and economically it isn’t. This is partly due to the sensationalism that is often headlined in media outlets such as The Daily Mail and The Express, they tend to headline negative imagery of immigrants to push their own agenda, usually removing fact or spinning a ‘fact’ so it can be seen as a negative by readers.

In reality though immigration is positive that should be treated as nothing more than a side issue to maintain and improve controls, except a right populist agenda that has seemingly overtaken a remarkable amount of Britain’s media outlets, has somewhat clouded the judgment of many people often deflecting from the real issue. Immigrants have contributed £20…

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