a different look at the Osborne economic plan

Christchurch Constituency Labour Party


Osborne talks about reducing the Government overspend (deficit) and borrowing figures ( additional debt) for the next three years to a balanced budget with even a surplus

If the year that has just finished is any guide then this is just ”pie in the sky” idle chatter based on a ideological stance with little economical  justification.

The IFS has just published a report which shows the following, Public sector borrowing   up from £ 87.7 billion  to £89.2 billion for 2014/15,

Public sector Debt has now reached £1,486 billion which is 80.4% of the total national income.

Ask your self this ”How on earth, is the reduction of £90 billion annual deficit and addition to the total debt to be achieved?

All we have seen is a promise of £12 billion reduction in welfare.

Will it come from growth in the presumed stronger…

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