Chris Chope Obstructs International Aid Commitment. A Statement by Andrew Satherley

Christchurch Constituency Labour Party

Does this man represent your views? This is the question I am sure many voters are now asking themselves once more about Christopher Chope.

Yesterday he voted against legislation to ensure up to 0.7% of our GDP is dedicated to International Aid. Again Mr Chope was party to an attempt by a very small minority of MP’s to talk out this bill, again a bill with strong cross party support that would have made a lasting, positive change.

I, along with many people, would like Mr Chope to justify his actions.

The passing of this legislation will have ensured the UK’s ongoing role in supporting the provision of essential aid and investment in infrastructure for developing countries across the world.

I, as the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Christchurch, would have voted in support of this bill.

Why vote against a bill intended to support the development of much needed…

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