The Blocking of The Tenancies (Reform) Bill A Statement by our PPC Andrew Satherley

CHRISTCHURCH MP blocks tenancy reform bill

Christchurch Constituency Labour Party

Blocking of the Tenancies (Reform) Bill

Last week in Parliament saw the shameful blocking by Christchurch MP Chris Chope of a bill with cross party support that would have stopped private landlords from being able to evict tenants without any reason.
Mr Chope, a landlord himself, along with fellow Tory MP Philip Davies filibustered the bill, which means the two spoke throughout the time allocated for the debate in parliament, therefore preventing a democratic vote by MPs on the issue.
This is a disgraceful failure of Mr Chope to recognise a growing and preventable problem for private tenants in this Country. There are 9 million renters in the UK and a recent study found that 2% of all renters  in the private sector have been evicted after they complained to their landlord or letting agent about a problem. Revenge evictions are a particular problem in London, where 14%…

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