Ed #Miliband accuses David #Cameron of ‘inexplicable silence’ over #Gaza (#politics #Middleeast #UK @UKLabour @Conservatives )

Order Of Truth

milcamThe Labour leader. Ed Miliband, accused Cameron of a failure of leadership and rebuked him for his “silence on the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians caused by Israel’s military action”.

Of course, instead of making a statement, Cameron’s goons embarked on a ‘blame game’ and played politics, saying that they were “shocked” that Miliband would “play politics with such a serious issue”.

We know damn well that Cameron has failed abysmally as both leader of the government and leader of the Conservative party – even drawing criticism from his own MPs – because of his silence concerning the slaughter of civilians in Gaza.

Cameron has said NOTHING whatsoever which criticises the Zionist atrocities that have taken place in Gaza. All he has said is that Israel has a right to defend itself and should show restraint so civilians are not killed – those are nothing statements – noncommittal bullshit –…

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