A day when #Tory corruption is exposed. (#uk #politics)

Order Of Truth

scum It seems that the 2 nd of April has been a bad day for two members of the UK government.

Both David Cameron and Maria Miller have been exposed for that they are – corrupt liars who are only looking after their own interests – at the public’s expense.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, rang rings around Cameron as he went head on asking Cameron the awkward question Cameron obviously hoped no one would ask.

Miliband wanted to know what the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ was between Cameron and the city banks who were allocated one third of the shares in the grossly undervalued sale of Royal Mail.

After receiving one third of the share allocation, the banks sold them a short time later making millions in profit – for doing nothing. In addition to making a quick killing on the financial markets with the Royal Mail…

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