10 Things You Never Knew About UKIP ……but probably should

New Forest West Labour Party

UKIP would raise your taxes to subsidise billionaires

UKIP are in favour of a ‘flat tax’ – charging the same rate from the lowest paid worker to the highest paid billionaire. That would put up taxes for the majority but cut taxes for Nigel Farage’s City chums.

UKIP would make British people second class citizens in Europe…

Their 2010 manifesto states clearly that “UKIP would put an end to most legislation regarding matters such as weekly working hours, holidays, overtime, redundancy or sick pay etc.” They would take away maternity pay from mums and scrap paternity leave for dads. Why should British Citizens have poorer rights than the French, Germans, Latvians or Poles?

They’ve been on the take.

UKIP MEP Tom Wise was jailed for expenses fraud. Nigel Farage has been caught boasting about his large expenses bill. A former City commodities trader, Farage has had an off-shore tax avoidance…

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