why do so many people in the south vote tory

why? do so many people in the south vote tory, is it lack of thought, or perhaps brainwashed by the tory press. I refuse to believe that all torys are uncaring, selfish, and greedy materialists. so it has to be lack of interest and understanding of political decisions that affect us all. also in many cases they vote tory because everyone around them does,if you ask them why? they have no real answer except maybe to repeat one or two headlines the read in the right wing press.

so! how do we reach out to these people? and change their views. its not going to be easy,

we have to change the views that some of them have held for a life time.we have o start working more in the community,becoming involved in local organizations such as residents associations charities etc, we must win their support house by house street by street, engaging people in local issues that affect their community, we must point out the growing inequality between rich and poor,the growing number of food banks, which i have never seen in my lifetime.and its not just unemployed people that use them its also those in work, because with rise in the cost of living, working people on low incomes do not earn enough to cover the cost of living expenses.

we must fight for a living wage, an end to privatization in the NHS .

the torys blame labour for the economic crisis we all know this is rubbish.when osborne said we are on the road to recovery, what he really means is, he and his millionaire friends have never had it so good.there is only one alternative. that is to start campaigning now for a labour victory in 2015 and get rid of this vile goverment.



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