slavery in the city! its not just in the city.

Although very sad that a young intern died after working extremely long hours as a merill lynch employee at the bank of america, we must not forget he thousands of low paid workers in this country who also work very long hours for very small reward.

since the days of margeret thatcher the rights of employees have diminished substantially. there are as we all know many employers , who have a total disregard for any employment laws, because they know there is no one who will hold them accountable. most employees now in private companys have no representation at all ,

the law should be changed so that every worker has the right to have union representation if he wishes, without any fear of recrimination from the employer.


One thought on “slavery in the city! its not just in the city.

  1. Well said Dave. The employers really hate it unless they have total control.
    I can remember being asked to sign for everything at work including the most stupid “waste of time” memos, when I returned something and wanted a signature as proof I was told that was not their normal practise. I don’t see why we should have to put up with such blatant double standards.
    Everyone is rightly proud of our democracy but in the workplace it’s slightest mention is a dirty word, why?

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