silence of labour front bench

Im sick of hearing the coalition blaming labour for the economic mess that britain  was in when the coalition took office, was it labours fault that most of europe and the USA, were facing economic troubles, NO of course not it was the banks gambling with money they didnt have. then the taxpayer had to bail out the privately owned banks costing the british taxpayer billions. now this goverment wants to sell them back to the same people regardless of the loss to the public purse.

so come on ed milliband start shouting louder so the british public can hear you.


One thought on “silence of labour front bench

  1. I don’t know too much about British politics Dave but from what I’ve heard I agree with you.
    It really annoys me, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes these “financial geniuses” make they always seem to come up smelling of roses. I’ll bet even if they lost their jobs they would have managed to exit gracefully with a lot of money while people around them would be the ones to suffer financially.

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