was it really like this.

we met we married a long time ago.we worked long hours wages were low, no telly no radio no bath, times were hard. just cold water taps and a walk up the yard.

no holidays abroad, no carpets on the floor. but we had coal on the fire, and never locked the door.our children arrived no pill in those days, and we brought them up without any state aid.

no valium, no drugs, no L.S.D we cured our pains with a good cup of tea, if you were sick you were treated at once,not fill in forms and come back next month.

no vandals, no muggers, there was nought to rob in fact you were rich with a couple of bob.

people were happier in those far of days kinder and caring in so many ways. milkman and paper boys used to whistle and sing and a night at the flicks was a wonderfull thing.

oh we had are share of trouble and strife but we just had to face it, that was life, now im alone and look back through the years, i dont think of the bad times, the trouble the tears, i remember the blessings over home and love. we shared them together and i thank god above.



One thought on “was it really like this.

  1. Makes me angry to see how standards have slipped away over the last few decades. Trouble is it’s happened slowly and few, especially the young, seem to realise how different things have become.
    I think the blame lays mostly with those that govern us, they have sat back and allowed tried and tested values built up over many generations to be discarded and replaced with “trendy” new social experimentation and a softly softly approach that just hasn’t worked.
    With the law now turning a blind eye to so much anti-social behaviour (in Australia they seem to) there will always be an element in society that will push the boundaries even further, there has to be consequences for their actions or anti-social trends will just worsen.

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